In 2014, our First Time Home Buyers Program celebrated 20 years of assisting First Time Home Buyers in purchasing their first home in the City of Elmira through wrap-around education, support and down-payment assistance grants awarded by the City of Elmira. The Homeowners’ Association (HOA) decided to purchase two bricks through the Eldridge Park Brick project. The symbolism of a brick – a solid foundation, the cornerstone of a structure – was perfect to represent successful homeownership since 1994 in the City of Elmira and building community.

The bricks were purchased through donations made to the First Time Home Buyer program from participants and community members.

Why Eldridge Park? It’s part of the same community that the homeowners have invested in. It’s a place to bring a family, take a walk, feed the geese or watch a soccer game. There are many bricks with many names in front of the Merry-Go-Round, all with their unique story. The HOA is a unique story in itself – success in the past, achieving goals in the present and providing hope for the future.

Currently, our First Time Home Buyers Program has helped 442 (as of 3/17) homeowners achieve¬†their dream of homeownership in the City of Elmira. If you’re interested in purchasing your first home in the City, please attend our First Time Home Buyers Workshop.