Listen to Rachel tell her story about buying her first home and the support she received from Catholic Charities. She is our youngest first-time homebuyer! You can read the rest of her story here.


When asked, “What would your life be like if Catholic Charities hadn’t come into your life?”, Edie responded, “I’d probably be lost.” She was then asked, “Is that how you felt before… lost?” Edie’s eyes filled with tears and she nodded her head yes. Every human being deserves to feel seen and heard. Listen to Edie tell her story. Read the rest of Edie’s story.

Listen to the audio clip below to hear Cathy as she talks about coming to the end of her rope, “I would have gone to sleep and not gotten up. It upsets me to think I’ve been put in that position so many times. And thankful that I didn’t do anything about it and without you guys, I probably would have this time.” Read the rest of Cathy’s story.

Listen to the audio clip below to hear Sheila as she shares her story, “when you grow up in an environment that’s not healthy and then you go on to start using drugs and alcohol, it’s like ingrained in you. I had to turn things around – my belief system, my morals, and my values.”  Read the rest of Sheila’s Story.


campaign-2016-fb-image-larryListen to the audio clip below to hear Larry as he shares his story and shares his opinion of Catholic Charities, “their help is endless. It’s a program where they’ll hold your hand to a certain degree, but you’ve got to help yourself too.” Read the rest of Larry’s story.

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