Our Development Team is more than happy to help you organize and develop a plan that works for your group.  Please contact Katie Rhodes by phone at 607-734-9784 x2133 or by email with any ideas or questions regarding your drive.  In the meantime, here are a few steps to help get you started.

  1. Determine what your drive will be collecting. Here is a page with items we always need.
  2. Recruit individuals to help you and assign roles to individuals who will champion the drive.
  3. Establish goals such as how much you would like to collect or how much money you would like to raise.
  4. Determine a start and end date for your drive as well as the sites for donations (i.e. collection bins). High traffic areas where your collection sites are most visible are often best.
  5. Determine a way to get the donations to Catholic Charities. Please know that we greatly appreciate your donations, however, we are unable to pick them up.
  6. Create a plan to help promote your drive in order to increase productivity and reach your goals more quickly. Will your drive be internal or will it include outreach to the public?
  7. If it’s open to the public, tag us in your social media posts! Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
  8. Determine what supplies you will need to make your drive successful. Catholic Charities can supply you with brochures, logos and other information about our agency.
  9. Begin and continue to promote your drive. Encourage individuals to donate and thank them when they do!  Healthy competition among classrooms, departments, or teams is a good way to get people involved.
  10. Gather your results and let the participants know how the drive went. Thank them again for participating and arrange a time with Katie to drop off your items at Catholic Charities.