Christmas Adoption Collage


Catholic Charities requests your help in sharing the gift of hope this Christmas season. Each year, Catholic Charities selects a handful of well-deserving families to be sponsored. These families are not receiving or do not qualify for other forms of assistance. In addition, we select individuals that are making significant attempts to support themselves, i.e. the under-employed.

Catholic Charities makes the process very simple for donors. First, we get an idea what type/size of family you would be interested in sponsoring. Then we match you with a family in need and provide you with each family member’s first name, age, size, individual needs, and interests. We also provide you with some household need ideas, i.e. towels, cleaning supplies, dishes, etc. You then select a couple of items for each family member and one or two household needs, purchase, wrap and drop off at our Church St. location by a specified date. Our property department will deliver items to the home prior to Christmas, usually when the children are not home. This is a wonderful thing for the parents, as “Santa” may have never visited their homes before. It is not surprising to receive touching thank you letters after the holidays, something we always pass on to our donors.

Last year, Catholic Charities of Chemung County was able to sponsor 19 families, sharing the gift of hope with 45 children and 23 adults. We turn to you this season for your support and compassion. Even if you choose to help one child, think of the magic you will be sharing. Every child deserves the gift of hope at Christmas.

Please call Katie at 607.734.9784, ext 2133 for more information.