man-building-bwDecember 2, 2015 – Today, two men who did not know each other, met by chance at the Pantry. It was a beautiful experience to watch. One worked, in good faith, as a subcontractor on a project while waiting for the final lump payment upon completion which sadly will not come. The other was working on the west coast and came home to visit family and fell ill only to be diagnosed with cancer. Even though both have uncertain futures and were down to nothing in their cupboards, when offered a larger item each insisted that they share with the other so they both got what they needed.
It’s hard to seek help sometimes and neither came in with a smile, but they both left with one and some much needed nourishment for body and soul. This is who you are feeding and this is why we are so grateful for every single donation.

woman_babyAugust 31, 2015 – A mother recently told us, “I’m feeling happy and grateful to you guys for what you are doing because it helps out a lot…it’s a good job you guys are doing. Thank you very much. We are grateful.”