sally w bike Christmas Giveaway week 2013

One of our wonderful volunteers, Sally, setting up gifts at the Christmas Giveaway in 2013

Suggestions for various age groups and toys for Christmas:

Infants and Toddlers
Musical mobiles (especially washable mobiles without cloth parts)
Musical toys
Light up toys
Soft vinyl books and board books
Crib mirrors and toy links
Stacking and nesting toys
Lullaby and soft music CDs
Rattles and teethers (new)

Preschool Age
Crayons and coloring books
Play food/dishes, cash registers, tools, medical kits, etc.
Washable (not cloth) baby dolls
Toy musical instruments
Wooden puzzles, puzzles with knobs
Pop-up books
Play Doh and accessories
Construction toys like Duplo, wooden blocks, etc.
Simple games such as: Memory, color and number games
Little Tikes Explorer Wagons
Large Toys

School Age
All sorts of games like: Clue, Clue Jr., Monopoly Jr., Yahtzee, Yahtzee Jr., Connect 4, Uno, Guess Who, Trouble, Sorry, Apples to Apples, etc.
Bubbles, any travel games
Craft kits like: posters to color, beads, bead and hemp jewelry kits, ink stamp kits, stickers, paint kits, wood kits, etc.
Matchbox cars and trucks
Toy dinosaurs, insects animals
Non-violent action figures
Building sets – Lego, Bionicle, etc.
Dolls and doll clothes
Walkie talkies
60 and 100 piece puzzles
Arts and Crafts Supplies

Teens (area of HIGH NEED)
Games for young adults like: Monopoly, Scrabble, Battleship, Life, checkers, chess, Scattegories, etc.
Craft kits such as: latch hook, stitching, bead kits, leather craft, fabric painting, posters to color, etc.
Model kits (cars, planes, boats)
Journals and scrapbooks (blank) and materials
Disposable cameras
Lotion and bath gel sets
Fingernail polish (new)
CD players or MP3 players
Hand Held electronic games (20 Questions, etc.)
Stationery sets
Attractive spiral bound notebooks
Playing cards
Gift cards for stores, movies and clothing
Word search, crossword puzzle, Suduko books

Books and Magazines
Donations of new and gently used children’s books and family-oriented magazines are welcome.
Ideas: I Spy books, board books, new coloring books, crossword and word search books.

The following types of materials are NOT acceptable: Encyclopedias, textbooks, news magazines over a month old, books or magazines with adult themes, violent themes, or scary characters.