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Advocacy and Policy Principles
Catholic Charities USA is guided by the principles of Catholic social teaching and adheres to the teachings of the Catholic Church. In assessing public policy and legislation, we rely on the principles found in our faith’s rich tradition of working for charity and justice, advocating for the inherent dignity of every human being, and calling for the preferential option for the poor. We call on our policymakers and elected officials to consider the common good in all they do and invite all people of good will to join us. Our founding charter calls on us to serve as “the attorney for the poor.” It is this role that we endeavor to live out every day. As your local Catholic Charities, we endeavor to do the same.

Our five policy pillars in our work to reduce poverty are:

  1. Education and workforce development
  2. Family economic security
  3. Healthcare
  4. Housing
  5. Hunger

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