Our Annual Fundraising Gala, held on April 6, was a successful event! But we are still shy of our fundraising goal.
Can we count on you to play a crucial role in helping local families in need in Chemung & Schuyler Counties?

Please see what our event speaker, Mike, had to say after the event…

I just wanted to say thank you for last night. That was the first time I have actually publicly told some of my story to anyone that was not in a rehab setting. I have never had anyone clap for me, let alone stand up. There is nothing that can compare to the feeling that my story might have actually helped someone else like me. Even though it wasn’t directly related to me speaking. I know that even if my story touched just one person who donated money or gave an extra few dollars because of what I said, it helped someone else like me get the help that they need to get out that lifestyle. My life had been so negative for so long I forgot how to see the positive in things and in myself. Last night showed me that even the negative things can be a positive force. After last night I decided I want to try to find places with at risk kids, or places that have people that aren’t on the right path and even people that are trying to understand how to help people like me and tell my story. I want to give people the hope I never had and possibly change someone’s life. I owe that confidence and that new found sense of giving back, to you and to Catholic Charities. Last night was one of the best times I’ve ever had in my life. So I want to say thank you to you and to everyone that made it possible for me to speak it gave me another ray of light to see a brighter future.

Sincerely, Michael

If you could please forward this to all the people that made last night possible for me. I just want everyone to know how grateful I really am, thanks.

Havana Nights Gala 2019 Presenting Sponsor: The Hilliard Corporation

Entertainment Sponsor:
Empower Federal Credit Union
Wegmans, Elmira

Table Sponsors:

  • Carozza
  • Elmira Structures
  • Finnerty
  • Gardner
  • Gough Holding
  • Hale
  • In Memory of Kelley Stage
  • Knights of Columbus
  • LaDelia
  • Maguire
  • Rupik
  • Swift/Herrick
  • Terry
  • X-Gen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.