Safe Harbour Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Must be a youth between the ages of 10-24 to participate. Must reside in Schuyler County.

All participating youth will be entered to win a $100 Walmart Gift Card!

All entries due by JANUARY 31, 2021 (you may email, text, scan, take a photo, drop off, or snail mail your answers to Catholic Charities’ Schuyler Office).

  1. Go to provide two of the five “Safety Rules of Thumb” for online safety.
  2. What is Catholic Charities Hotline Number? Once found, add it to your contacts and send a text (if you can).
  3. Visit tell us two safety tips.
  4. Give instructions on how to block/turn off your location on any social media. Once done confirm that you have done it on your own social media by signing your name.
  5. Visit and list three things that CSS Workforce NY does to help youth in our community,
  6. Go to Schuyler County Youth Bureau’s Facebook page and like it and share it. Confirm that you have done so.
  7. Where is one place you can go in Schuyler County if you and/or your family need food? List a place and where they are located.
  8. Who can you call if you find yourself homeless with nowhere to sleep? (Hint: there are a few right answers.)
  9. What are the two different types of human trafficking?
  10. Visit and list three ways you can deal with a cyber-bully.
  11. Why is it important to keep your Privacy Settings as private as possible on social media?
  12. List two red flags that you might see in someone who is a victim of human trafficking.
  13. What is the phone number for the National Suicide Prevention Hotline?
  14. What is one way you take care of yourself? (i.e. sleep enough at night, journal, etc.)
  15. Can you provide the telephone number to your local Mental Health Office?

Submit your answers by taking a picture and texting to 607.742.9629, email to Candie, drop off, or mail to Catholic Charities’ Schuyler Office, 105 Ninth Street Unit 20, Watkins Glen.