Photos of Auction Items:

Black and white Swarovski crystal pearls with sterling silver and glass pearl pendant; valued at $90; handmade by Deb MacDonald


Pool Supplies; valued at $100; donated by Ann Meyers

Myrtle Coffee Mug; set of 2; valued at $156; donated by MacKenzie-Childs

Cane glass with a Jasper focal piece; valued at $80; handmade by Deb MacDonald

One of a kind, handmade glass vase; valued at $2,000; designed & created by Carl Siglin

Basket of teas, teapot, scone mix, heart-shaped teapot; valued at $130; donated by Christine Baxter

Patriotic wreath; valued at $80; donated by Sue Randall

Made of poplar with a maple stain; valued at $500; handmade by Ken MacDonald